There is a new book out about the last election – exploring why Hillary Clinton didn’t win. The writers focus on  the tension between the people who used Analytics to make decisions and those that relied more on their “gut”

When I started out (1991) the only real analytics available were zip code reports.  They were helpful in sorting out where your audience was coming from but it only reflected people who called Telecharge or Ticketmaster for tickets. There were no online sales, no Social Media, no internet. Zip code reports were the only data to use in deciding where to spend precious advertising dollars. One very big column was for “Out of Town” which didn’t tell you whether it was Asbury Park or Asheville, North Carolina.

Now there is a surfeit of digital information – some useful, some not. Sorting out what is useful and what is not and where does ‘gut’ come into the picture – worthy of a conversation.

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