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We customize your marketing strategy: each show is different and a producer needs to be very strategic about where to spend money. No one ever has enough for everything. It’s important to pick and choose wisely for your particular project.

We also advise as to…

Design and Branding

Logos and key art are the face of your show to the world. They have to communicate many things all at once. Find out what works and what doesn’t to have the most impact.



Copy is important from the beginning –  you need the right words to attract creatives, partners, investors, and audiences. Words matter, we can help you with copywriting, editing and proofing.

Choosing the quotes that sell the show is not always clear. Choosing what speaks the loudest to the potential customer  is another conversation.

How long should videos be, how much should you show – can you use one for all purposes or should they be created for specific uses is something else to consider for your project.

Resources & Referrals

If there’s something we don’t offer, we can connect you with trusted, established providers who are easy to work with and who will deliver a product you’ll be proud of.

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